Saturday, 2 April 2011


Saturday — The opener for the weekend. This is usually the day that people get out and take stock of what hasn’t been done during the week. Be it grocery shopping, cleaning the truly gross build up in the toilet, and clipping the cat’s claws. All those generally mundane chores that is tiresome but often necessary.
Just sometimes though, Saturday comes along and the house is in order and there is enough in the pantry to seriously put Old Mother Hubbard to shame. So what do you do when a gem of a Saturday like this comes your way? Can you say ‘relax’?
Today is just one of those magical Saturdays. You may wonder how we are making this work. Well, there really are only two little trade secrets. Though I really wouldn’t say ‘secret’. There is nothing clandestine about what I am to share with you.
·      For starters, shopping is saved for another day, usually the middle of the week.
·      Sections of the house are cleaned as it is required, and not saved up for the one day of the week. Thus cleaning up does not become an all day endurance event.
There was nothing complicated about that, was there?
Saturday has become a day of relaxation for my family. A snap shot of this peaceful scene, you will find my daughter blowing bubbles, my husband playing Playstation 3, and I while away the time knitting, reading and writing this little piece. We may fit in a family walk and visit some pretty local park. Sit down to a cup of tea and a little bit of chocolate; discuss the week gone by and plans for the future.
What are you doing with your Saturday?