Monday, 4 April 2011

She doesn't have a lot to do, and does it well

The girl likes to dabble. Willing to give anything a go. She is trying to find something by which to leave her mark.
  • She tried photography but found people too willing and landscapes behaved in a most difficult manner.
  • She tried painting and drawing, but even with this her work hardly drew attention.
  • She tried cooking and baking. Her attempts at exotic cuisine were a bit hit and miss, usually ending in a late night trip to Maccas. Her baking of course had a constipating affect. But we’ll not go there.
  • She tried her hand at fashion design, discovering that this required patience. Something she didn’t have a lot of. Oh, and she needed to be fashionable — a concept that continually evaded her wardrobe.
  • She thought about becoming a teacher. But this would mean returning to school. Lord no! She was relieved when high school ended.
  • She considered becoming a gardener. After all she does love flowers. But then she remembers that she bought a gardenia last month. When was the last time she watered it? Oops! Better go check on the plant.
  • She could try a career in acting, but due to her extreme shortness, she is fated to playing fairies.
  • She tried being a professional public speaker, but then realised she didn’t have anything to say.
  • She gave the violin a go, but the cat had some mean things to say about her practice.

She is now between dabbling. She is reading and doodling and knitting a little. For the time being she doesn’t have a lot to do, and does it well.