Monday, 30 May 2011

Books in Blume

I first read Freckle Juice, a book written by Judy Blume when I was in grade 3. This was such a fun read, but it was in grade 4 when the teacher read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing that Judy Blume truly rocked my world.

Over the following years I would read as many of her books as I could find in the library. She has written so many wonderful stories for children and young adults. So, admittedly I still have a long way to go before having read them all.
Judy wrote quite openly and honestly, her narratives from the perspective of children and teenagers. Her books connected to kids and made them feel that there was an adult that understood their schoolyard troubles and worries about growing up.
From another perspective it was this independent honesty that scared a discriminating group of adults, who demanded that her books be banned [amongst many other celebrated authors both modern and classic] in America during a rather discriminating book censorship regime of the 80s. However as someone who had read some of the so-called banned books I can say there was never anything inappropriate about Judy’s writing. But people being what they are sometimes fear discussion of certain subject matter, whether it is racism, bullying, puberty or [quick, cover your eyes] menstruation.
Judy aspires to be a ballerina.

And now, from the perspective of a parent I look forward to sharing Judy’s stories with my children as they grow up.
To find out more about Judy Blume you can visit her website, which by the way, is an invaluable literary resource in itself —
Judy's early years as a mum and author.