Monday, 9 May 2011


I have been blogging here since Friday 27th June 2008 and have made 625 posts on this blog alone. That’s not a bad haul for one person. Originally I didn’t have a clear objective for the blog other than to have a digital platform for sharing my ideas and crafty works-in-progress. This blog has since evolved with me. On and off there was emphasis on my artwork and crafts. More recently it has been a bit more about my writing.
I feel a new phase of the moon is passing for me — I am considering the future of my blog. So now I ponder the secrets of the universe, or at least the hearts of those whom enjoy following my blog.
Please leave a comment, telling my what you like best about my work here in blog-land [and feel free to elaborate]. Is it my:
·      Artwork [illustrations and paintings]
·      Witty writing [essays and short stories]
·      Or something else that I haven’t thought of.
There will be a Secret Special Giveaway for the first three blog followers/readers who provide feedback to this blog entry. I look forward to reading your thoughts.