Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A True Perspective

    Here is my useless piece of information for the day. I was just reviewing season 1 episode 5 of True Blood and I noticed an interesting perspective.
    In the church Bill is describing a day during the civil war when an injured boy was stuck out in a field. A friend of Bill’s tried to save the boy but was shot mid rescue. Someone asks what became of the injured boy and Bill said he lived. At that point the camera cuts to Terry (foreground) and Andy Bellefleur (background).
    From reading the original Sookie Stackhouse books I happen to know that the injured boy was the ancestor of the above mentioned Bellefleur cousins. And in the books Bill holds a grudge against the Bellefleur family, because of this one event.
    Although the tele-series never comes right out in an obvious way to make any such connection . They still did it in this very subtle visual cue. But it would only be picked up on if the viewer has read the books, I think. So, there you have it.