Sunday, 5 June 2011

Was This What You Imagined?

If towns were what we imagined then we'd never have to visit them…
Think of the times you went on a spontaneous road trip only to discover that your destination did not live up to the fantastical landscape in your mind’s eye. Instead you discover that there is no lake, as its namesake may have led you to believe. Or perhaps the advertising that you relied so much on was about ten years out of date, and the venue you were visiting is no longer in its glory days.
Running my eye over a map of Australia, and taking in the namesakes I notice some coastal destinations such as Eden and Golden Beach.  Immediately my mind concocts images of sleepy blue-green botanical havens, and gold hued beaches. I imagine these towns to be a blending of fishery and surf culture, small town comforts, and as yet untainted by fast paced consumer culture. There are no shopping centres. The post office doubles as a newsagency and convenience store. There is an antique store, which sells second hand books. Plus a tea and cake shop that offers homemade crafts on the side.
Glancing again at a map of Australia other town names grab my attention and I begin to imagine:
·      The people of Maclean would have the cleanest teeth of anyone in Australia.
·      Deception Bay would be easy to find on the map, yet strangely difficult to escape once you get there.
·      On Thursday Island schools and business only open on Thursday.  People enjoy the rest of the week swimming at the beach, making shell necklaces.