Friday, 5 August 2011

Word in a Jar

    Are you struggling with writer's block? Are the kids crying ‘I'm bored’? Has the whole power grid gone out preventing the use of the Playstation? We'll then I've got a solution for you.
  1. Grab an empty jar and an old newspaper [or magazine] ready for the recycle heap.
  2. Cut out random words from the newspaper and place these into the jar [ie. umbrella, cat, moon, boy, et cetera]. Fill up the jar till about half way.
  3. Close the jar and shake it up.
  4. Open the jar and randomly pull out three or four words.
  5. You will then write a short story, incorporating the words that you have removed from the jar.
    If you are more of an illustrator, than a writer, this activity can quite easily still apply. Simply include the worded things into an illustration.
    You can turn this activity into a competition for kids. Simply set a fifteen minute time limit to write the story. At the end the kids get to share with each other the story they have written.