Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Handy Book

I love computer games. I really do. I get a lot out of sitting down and racing digital cars with my husband. You gotta love the jumps in San Francisco Rush. Oh yeah, and I was recently introduced to Mario Kart. But as much as I enjoy exploring virtual worlds, it is also nice to get back to and do things in the real world. Such as exploring, collecting, reading, writing, crafting, cooking, drawing, and painting.
When I was a little girl my Grandma gifted to me The American Girls Handy Book. I loved looking at the pictures and dreamt of working through various activities in the book. Although there were a few lone attempts to follow this book. Nothing much really transpired.
Many years have since passed and now I am looking at this book again. A little internet research leads to a discovery about the authors – Lina and Adelia Beard. I learnt that these two sisters lead the setup of the American Girl Scouts. How about that, huh! To find out more about the origins of the American Scouts simply follow this link -
Now I am thinking of giving some of the books' activities a go. I might even work through the book with my daughters when they are a bit older.