Thursday, 27 October 2011

I Dig Books

I dig books! I dig books! And books dig me.
I enjoy reading books. I could easily disappear into a good book for a day. The better the story the less time it takes to read. I recently read The Help and between taking care of my little girls I had devoured the book in about three days.
I am on a book high at the moment. I have been re-reading Sense and Sensibility [written by Jane Austen]. The other day I borrowed Murder 101 [written by Maggie Barbieri] and re-borrowed Chocolat [written by Joanne Harris] from the library. I am waiting for Twilight graphic novel Vol 2 to arrive in the mail. And I have a million and one books on my wish list I am craving to get my hands on.
Is it a vice to love reading so many books?