Friday, 18 November 2011

Canada is Looking Pretty Good...

... right about now.

As I sit on the floor, hair tied up off my neck and practically down to my underwear, on what is a considerably warm day, I start to wonder about living in cooler places than Australia.
When I was kid I lived in a few hot and humid conditions. So you'd think that I'd be used to it. Ah, but you see, for my formative hormonally charged years I moved to a cold region of Australia. Goodbye stubbies and sandals. Hello chilblains and influenza. I moved to Victoria during summer and yet it felt cold enough to be wearing a beloved grotty cardigan.
See the thing is, where ever we choose tolive we climatise. So after living in Victoria for a good two decades I eventually got comfortable with the cold, and learnt to actually wear some clothes.
So the question stands, if I climatised to Victorian winters, then how come I didn't climatise to the summers? How did a child of the near tropics and deserts come to abhor heat? It's a good question, of which I have no answer for in brain addling heat.
At times like this I seriously consider moving to places like Oregon, or Canada. Even Antartica is looking pretty good.
Oh! Do you feel that? It’s the cool change that I have been waiting for. I welcome the evening thunder storm with mucho gusto.