Monday, 21 November 2011

Gardenias in my Garden

    I am so, so happy. Hello endorphins! Good to see you are doing your job.
    Why am I happy? I don't know. I just am. But if I were to list the things that make me smile then I would include...

  • the gardenia plant that has finally flowered in my yard. I am so happy about this, I am thinking of planting lots more gardenias. I want to be surrounded by a gardenia paradise. I want to drown in those luscious blooms.
  • the weather has been perfect this afternoon. A lot of sunshine and a dash of a breeze. As warm days go it wasn't so bad.
  • my daughters laughter and smiles make me smile. My second daughter is starting to communicate. At 3 in the morning she can be heard in her cot going "Nan-nan-nan-nan". And she will sometimes squeak. I call her my gosling.
  • reading some good books. Of course the books would be 'good'. Who on earth would agree to read 'bad' books? Well I guess, teenagers who have no choice but to read dull high school text books. Last week I read Twilight Graphic Novel Vol 2. I have waited such a long time for this book after reading the first volume. And I just finished reading Ellen Degenere's book Seriously... I'm Kidding. Seriously this is a super fun book to read.
  • and I am just happy that I am happy. When you are happy it is good to reflect and realise that you are happy because the moment is truly savoured. Do you know what I mean?
Are you happy? Tell me what is the cause of your endorphin rush?