Friday, 11 November 2011

I ♥ Fictional Photographers: Part 2

And now, for a continuation of my theme from the other day - I ♥ Fictional Photographers: Part 1.

Next in my line up of beloved fictional photographers...

Bless her heart! Novalee Nation an abandoned teenager gives birth in a Walmart.
But then finds home and family amongst kind hearted strangers.
She also gets a chance to do something with her passion for photograpy.
Vicki Vale: In Tim Burton's first Batman flick Vicki was a photojournalist.
Gotta love her sense of adventure, intelligence and elegant fashion sense.
Lydia Deetz: a teenage photographer who regards herself as being 'strange and unusual'.
Lydia is mostly ignored by her living parents, caught up in their own pursuits.
However a ghost couple who couldn't have children, act as surrogate parents,
thus providing her with emotional security and spending quality time.