Thursday, 10 November 2011

Kids Mailbox

    Children love receiving presents and surprises. Even those that come in the mail. My eldest daughter is over the moon when we give her the junk mail, let her read the newspaper, or keep the discarded envelopes when the bills arrive in the mail.
    For that very reason I decided to make Gwen her own mailbox. I will be able to leave her special notes and messages, which she can check for each day.
   The homemade mailbox is easy enough to make. All you need is a shoe box [or a tissue box], some paint, and sticky tape. Following are the steps for making the kids mailbox.

1. Find yourself a discarded shoe box.

2. Cut a narrow rectangle out of one end of the shoe box.
This will be the mail slot.

3. Decorate the box and lid by either painting it
or covering in old wrapping paper.

4. Make a little name tag of whose mailbox it is.

5. Tape the name tag to one side of the mailbox [once the paint has dried].

6. Voila! The lid is on, the mailbox is complete.
Now place the mailbox somewhere near your child's bedroom door,
and maybe write them a little letter of love.

Post Script: This idea originally germinated years ago when reading Little Women [the sisters and Laurie, the boy next door, kept a private mailbox in which they traded letters and secrets].