Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lady Bird Fan

    I have a sure way of beating the heat on those super warm days [I say 'super warm' and not 'hot', because when it is truly hot the only thing for it is an air conditioned plaza, cinema or a dunk in the ocean.]. It is a do it yourself lady bird fan. This activity is great for the kids and for you. Simply follow this tutorial...

1. Take two A4 pages: one red and one black.

2. Fold the black piece down 3 times.

3. Draw a circle onto the folded black piece,
using a white pencil.

4. Cut into the paper around the drawn circle.
You will have multiple circles from one cutting.

5. Gluedown the circles onto the red piece of paper.

6. Fold the red paper in a zig zag pattern, making the folded width roughly 15 mm.
Do this for the entire piece of paper.

7. Sticky tape shut one end of the folded red paper.
Opened out the open side and...
Voila! You have yourself a paper crafted lady bird fan.