Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Font That Loved Me

    I have discovered a font that has made me rather happy. It is called Fang Song. How it got this name I cannot fathom. Mind you I often question how many fonts got their titles, such as Wingdings or even Narkisim.
    Recently I decided to make a change to Georgia. I liked how it sounded, rolling around in my head. I liked how it looked, spilling across the page. But now that I have noticed Fang Song I could be typing to a different tune. Other fonts that make me very happy include Caslon Antique and American Typewriter. And it is a bother to me that I do not have these fonts in my laptop. I'll have to do something about that.

A font to love.

And another.
     You know what I would just love to do? To create a font based on my own handwriting. Perhaps it is something to look into. I can add it to my list of 'must dos' for 2012.
    Aaaaaagh!....... [speechless]............. [back soon].........
    ...It is lovely sitting outside in a beach chair with a breeze sweeping through the trees above and a little summer light pushing through the gaps. You are comfortable. It is quiet. You are typing and the words are flowing... Then some bastard bird craps on you and the laptop. That's just really lovely.