Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Round Up

    So, so tired today. Either I need a little extra sleep or a shot of caffeine. Considering my non-existent options I'll take some caffeine. So what has been happening?
  • I am working on a granny square blanket.
  • I have begun making my daughter an Alice in Wonderland dress for her third birthday. Which means working on it at night time when she is fast asleep.
  • Taking photos.
  • Reading the Trueblood omnibus by Charlaine Harris.
  • Writing a little.
  • I am staring at a basket of washing willing it with my eyes to be folded. Unfortunately I have not yet  mastered any Jedi tricks.
  • Baked and then ate whoopie pies. So easy to bake. Too easy to demolish in one sitting.
  • Having poetic thoughts at 3 in the morning when I am feeding the baby. Then trying to remember those amazing literate feats. Now what was that line???
  • Finding summer time salvation with Dr Who repeats.
  • Look what I can do with my camera.
    The shutter speed was slow and I quickly moved the lens inward,
    thus creating this startling effect.

    My eldest daughter - hamming it up.