Monday, 2 January 2012

The Watch Word Is Resolve

    When I was a teenager I wrote New Year resolutions that were almost a page long. I recall once having as many as 24 resolutions on my list. That was at least fifteen years ago and I have since given up on resolutions because they got me absolutely nowhere.
    But then each New Year season rolls around and like anybody else I like to think of the happy possibilities for the year to come. So despite the fact that New Year resolutions rub me the wrong way. I do like the word 'resolve'. It is strong and empowering and really should have nothing to do with the New Year. Resolve! Resolute!
    So here are some of the things I am resolved to do:
  • Crochet a granny square blanket for my husband.
  • Work toward an even healthier eating plan and reduce some excess body fat.
  • Visit the roller skating rink once a month.
  • Do a little bit of photography and writing each day.
    Other things I may or may not do:
  • Learn to speak French.

My granny square project is coming along.