Friday, 24 February 2012

Being Mum

    What does it mean being a mum? It means that within the same day I am an amputee surgion and bed designer/builder... For my daughter's Barbie doll, that is. I think I just earned the Barbie Nobel prize.
    Poor Barbie! Her leg broke clean off at the knee and required immediate surgery. The damage has been fixed, of course, she will never bend that leg again. It could have been worse though. If unsuccessful I would have been making a wheel chair instead of a bed for Barbie.

Barbie's broken leg - post surgery.
Sticky tape and a Barbie band-aid did the trick.
Barbie is expected to make near perfect recovery. All she needs is some bed rest.

I proceeded to build a hospital bed for Barbie, using a cereal box, decorative
paper, scissors, tape and some scrap fabric.

Barbie can now rest easy. Goodnight!