Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Epic Love Vs Rebound Boy

Illustration by Melissa Gaggiano

Have you ever watched the awesome, but short lived television series Veronica Mars? If you have then you will know what I am rambling on about in this essay. If not, then you will be entirely lost, and will want to watch the series to work out what I am going on about.

During season three of Veronica Mars, quite a few people were relieved to see Veronica Mars dating a good boy like Stosh ‘Piz’ Piznarski. Particularly after the many heart aches caused by on again, off again boyfriend, Logan Echolls. Others, like me, feel that when it comes to Logan it’s a case of better the devil you know.

If I ever wanted confirmation that Piz was all wrong for Veronica, then I would look no further than his reaction to the unauthorised sex tape of Veronica and him. Or I should say his non-reaction. Upon learning that someone had infiltrated his dorm room with spy equipment, and thereby recording an intimate moment between Piz and Veronica, he is surprisingly calm about the situation. He doesn’t appear embarrassed, nor is he angry. I cannot help but feel, even if he’s not concerned about his own personal exposure, he should at least feel so for the sake of his girlfriend, who was ultimately the target of this attack.

Veronica’s Dad, Keith, was never entirely comfortable with Veronica dating Logan. And when she began dating Piz, Keith happily gave his thumbs-up to this set up. As far as he was concerned Logan had no future and Piz and in computer game terms he was the new and improved beta.  Translation Piz is not a trouble maker. But here is the funny thing. Keith thinks very little of Logan yet they are mirror images of each other.  Certainly he doesn’t have Logan’s anger management issues. However when it comes to the safety of people he cares about, he has taken the law into his own hands.

In the other established caveman definition of a beta, Piz is most definitely that. Put these two up against each other in a fight and Logan would come out on top. The first episode we meet Piz he conveys to Veronica that he is a “lover, not a fighter”, in what is an attempt to prove to her that he more evolved than his fellow gender. Little does he know about our sweet Veronica is that she has walked darker roads in the past few years.  And while she doesn’t approve violence per se, she has been desensitised to it. She is no wall flower and subconsciously appreciates a bit of retribution in the form of fisticuffs. Veronica is not perfect, but so she is a product of the Neptune environment, where corruption reigns supreme. In her world the law is backward and insecure, so for order to be maintained some degree of vigilantism is a necessary evil.

Is Logan wrong for Veronica? Of course he is, but he is ‘oh so wrong’ in the way that it is ‘oh so right’. What I am trying to say is that Logan is not a perfect person. His imperfections are visible like ripples on the water. He has done some pretty stupid things, and has some habits Veronica would prefer to discourage, but everything you need to know about Logan is laid out on the surface if you are prepared to take a look. The good thing about Logan is that he is passionate about the people he cares for. In point, even when he and Veronica have broken up [which has happened quite a few times] he has repeatedly defended her. And as much as Veronica likes to point out his faults, Logan knows her well enough to turn the table and is able to bring her down to earth when she is too high handed.  Basically Logan and Veronica ground each other.

Whereas Piz… Well what can be said about Piz? He is loveable, has a sense of humour, easy going and for the most part does appear dependable. You would not find Piz heading off for a wild night of debauchery in Tijuana, but neither will you find him having the gumption  to defend his girlfriend’s honour. Piz is a nice boy, but he hasn’t got what it takes to be Veronica’s equal, which is what Logan is.