Friday, 9 March 2012

Little Mouse

Image by Melissa Gaggiano
    When I was a little girl my Lego collection began with this one little mouse. I only know for certain that I was given this mouse way before I was seven. This being because I was seven when I received my first bucket of assorted Lego bits, which happened much later.
    I remember how this mouse came with house cleaning tools, though these have long since disappeared into a black hole [probably turned up in an episode of Star Trek]. This mouse was certainly well loved. On closer inspection I can see the ears were also particularly well chewed. I must have been hungry.
    A little internet research tells me that this little mouse was part of a Lego division known as Fabuland. Isn't that a fabulous name?

Image by Melissa Gaggiano

Image by Melissa Gaggiano
[My photography assistant]