Thursday, 29 March 2012

Slow Week

Image by Melissa Gaggiano

    Really it has been an off week for me. The first few days were spent in the land of head colds - both my own and one of my daughters. The rest of the week has been spent in recovery mode. So not a lot has been accomplished. To be honest I've only managed to crochet one whole granny square and taken a few photos.
    Today though I needed to get everyone out of the house for some over due fresh air. So we stepped out and visited the local newsagent. I picked up a copy of Frankie and two Freddo Frogs for Gwennie and I to snack on.
    On the walk back home there was the overwhelmingly delicious scent of a fish 'n' chip shop. And if a smell like that is so intoxicating it's a sign that I'm certainly over my head cold. Maybe we'll have some fish 'n' chips on the weekend.