Friday, 6 April 2012

DIY Paper Flower

    Today my eldest put in a request for a paper flower. After all I did promise to make her one when I wouldn't let her take a flower from a stranger's yard this morning. She then made sure I was good on my word earlier this evening.

    So without a plan of how this was to be done I began to improvise with some paper and tape. Before I knew it a paper flower had been made, much to my eldests utter delight.
    And here is how it was accomplished...

What materials do I need?
  • paper [it can be any type be it newspaper, colour, decorative scrapbook paper, et cetera]
  • sticky tape
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaner

1. This will be the flower petal template.

2. Cut out four flower petals on your pretty paper of choice,
using the petal template above.
Ensure you cut along the middle line creating a slit in each petal.

3. Take a small section of the piper cleaner, and fold it into an 'M' shape.

4. Press the 'M' fold close together and twisting a little to look like a 'V'.
This will be the stamen of the flower.

5. Slide your first petal on to the piper cleaner just below the stamen, via the slit.

6.  Turn the ends of the petal and folding it closed, you will create a square corner.
Use a little sticky tape to close this corner.

7. Repeat steps five and six for the second petal,
but position it away from the first petal.

8. Add your third petal following the previous steps.

9. Add the fourth petal in the same fashion.

10. The finishing touch fold into the lower piper cleaner
a little leaft shape and spray some perfume into the flower.