Friday, 13 April 2012

Paperdoll Heaven

    Quite by accident I stumbled [is there any other way] across a wonderful site. And I will not be satisfied with myself today if I do not tell you what I found.
    Deep down inside, I love, and I mean I love paperdolls. They are the perfect thing when you cannot afford full scale three dimensional dolls, which was sometimes the case when you were a kid. Having said that a paperdoll isn't any less dear than other dolls. I would even suggest that a owning a paperdoll means you are drawing more on your creativity. Plus you can start to draw and colour your clothing designs for your paperdolls.
    So come on! Tell us, what did you discover? Okay, I'm getting there...
    I found this site called Dumbelle ~ Pretty Smart and it represents a store far away in a distant and exotic land called Brooklyn [Well, it's exotic to me. I've never been there]. The owner, Elaine Pedlar, designs and illustrates her own range of paperdolls.
Copyright Elaine Pedlar
Copyright Elaine Pedlar

    Amongst her paperdolls there are three main characters - May, Sunny and Kate. Each girl has distinctive interests and tastes, offering a little something different for everyone.

Copyright Elaine Pedlar

Copyright Elaine Pedlar
    I am so excited by what Elaine has achieved here. The shop feels like a sweet shop. But instead of candy, it is paperdolls for sale. On top of all this Elaine also hosts paperdoll parties and provides one on one tutorials/event sessions.

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