Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday Peeps

    This week I am attempting to write a story, in week two of a course called The Artist's Way [by Julia Cameron], knitting a blanket for Barbie [at the request of my eldest], doodling drawings, attempted to cook a poached egg [I mention it now but let us not speak of it again - absolute disaster], dreaming of eating a pecan pie, wanting to wear sparkly sneakers and a pink cowgirl hat.
    The other night I dreamt that I met Harry Kim [of Star Trek: Voyager] up the street. And he excitedly shows me a letter press that just happened to be out in the street. I see that a template zine is already set up in the machine and I imagine making my own zine with it. Yeah! Welcome to my brain.

The girls at play.

Admiring my envelope collection

New stationery for working on a story.

The cat in the window.

Latest craft project.