Sunday, 3 June 2012

Journey Into Yesterday, Part 1

    Yesterday I took the train into the city and went on a vintage and art journey. I visited a whole bunch of colourful vintage stores such as Circa Vintage and Retrostar. It was incredible. Who would have thought history was so colourful.
    I then finished my journey with a long awaited visit to Outre Gallery. I hadn't been to Outre in so many years [my most favourite gallery] - I loved it and came away with a cute Australian made book called Owl Know How.
Just stepped off the train at Spring Street

So sad! The Job Warehouse fabric shop is closing after 60 years. It is said that
"When the world runs out of fabric, Job Warehouse will still have fabric".
That will, of course, change after 29th June.

One of the entrance gates to Melbourne's Chinatown.

I love Melbourne's terrace houses. This architecture is a part of
what makes Melbourne special.

One of the vintage/vintage inspired boutiques lining Gertrude Street.

    More photos to come in Journey Into Yesterday, Part 2.