Saturday, 9 June 2012

Witch Style

    I absolutely love, love, love watching the Charmed television series. I cannot tell you just how many times I have watched the show. Innumerable really. I think I can safely say I know the show like the back of my hand. If there was a board game based on the show I would no doubt win every game.
    I like the family/sisterly orientated themes of the episodes and some of the witchy-poo humour [I am remembering Prue Halliwell stirring a cauldron brew, murmuring to herself, "I feel like I should be cackling".
    But those aren't the only things to enjoy about the show. Then there are the gorgeous glad  rags worn by these witchy women. My ultimate favourite dresser in the show is Paige Matthews [played by Rose McGowan]. My second favourite in the dress up stakes is Phoebe Halliwell [played by Alyssa Milano]
    Today I am gushing and drooling over these Charmed looks as seen in season 5...