Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Raison D'etre

    I have that Billy Joel song stuck in my head - For the Longest Time. All because I haven't written here in a very long time. Now I haven't been any more busy than usual. But I am having one of my eternal inner battles of 'how best to use my time'. You see, I have a lot of interests. I am interested in many aspects of life. I am always trying something new. Over the past several years I have tried violin, knitting, crochet, water colour painting, composing music, writing, drawing, cooking fatteh blahmeh, making and baking love heart badges, experimental photography, doll making, zine production. Just to name a few.
    I love trying new things, but even I have to admit I need to focus my attention on just one or two things. And that is where I struggle because if I make a decision I still find myself looking over my figurative shoulder and thinking 'Oh, but I might still want to do that other thing'. So that's where I am at - attempting to find order in the chaos of my creativity.
    On a far less whiney note, today I made a Snakes & Ladders board game for the family. It was so easy and all I needed was a bit of cardboard, pens, pencils, ruler and a couple of buttons.

    I've had such wonderful luck lately with the books I find in op-shops. In my latest collection a Marian Keyes, Candace Bushnell and Mao's Last Dancer. I have some good reading ahead of me.

    I picked up a Donna Hay and an issue of Elle and am loving the photography. Kristen Stewart's photoshoot was quite classy. And I found an apple pie recipe that I am quite keen to try. I like apples. I like pies. It's a match made in dessert heaven.

Well, that was certainly a mouthful. Toodles!