Friday, 26 October 2012


Illustrations by Melissa Gaggiano.
Inspiration Jem, flowers, dolls.

    End of the week arrives and not a moment too soon. But perhaps a couple of days late for those who are feeling burnt out already. There have been early mornings and evenings with very little rest. Busy doing a little bit of this and not so much of that. My sewing machine bit the dust just as I was on the verge of trying new creative ideas combining drawing and sewing [swear, swear, profanity]. I knuckled down and read module 3 of my photography course at 5 in the morning [and it actually made sense]. I practiced taking photos and discovered that with enough light ISO 1600 can look good in monochrome, but this setting must be used discriminantly. I read about a Melbournian photographer - Athol Shmith. I tried reading Out of Africa, but have only gotten as far as page one. Did I mention my sewing machine is out of action - yeah! that really sucks.
On the upside I've got saturday night pizza to look forward to. Yum-yum!

Photography by Melissa Gaggiano.