Thursday, 1 November 2012

Where I Am At

    I am having a quiet moment so thought I'd share where things are at. Things have been on the quiet side and yet I am just a little bit busy. Though it doesn't feel like it for some strange reason. Maybe it is because I am taking small bites here and there from my individual projects. So this is where it is at...
  1. Reading Out of Africa, by Karen Blixen.
  2. Listening to audio recording of Twilight on those late warm nights when I cannot sleep.
  3. Discovered this wonderful website filled with creative kids activities -
  4. Mixed rice and food dye as a sensory play item for my eldest. She loves it, and is playing with the rice as I type.
  5. I am about to embark on a crochet project - making pizza slices.
  6. Writing a story, just small bits at a time.
  7. Drawing doll concepts.
  8. Helping my eldest make paper badges.
  9. Doing a photography course [but taking a few days break from the annoying gray card stuff].

Layout by Melissa Gaggiano.

Sensory play using rice and food dye. I cam across this at

Doll concept sketching by Melissa Gaggiano.