Monday, 10 December 2012

Homemade Yum Love

    The past few years I have learnt to appreciate the art of homemade in a whole new way. The first time I discovered a blog it was Loobylu which led me to Meet Me At Mikes and inevitably a wide world of online crafters and artists. I cannot express the joy I felt in seeing people just getting out their paint brushes and sewing machines, making things and quite literally making their own rules.
    When it is gift time I do still buy presents, but when I can, I will try to make something. And the things that I've made have made far greater impact on the people who have been on the receiving end.
    This week's craft project will be making felty pizza slices. I found a wonderfully simple tute by Semi-Crunchy Mama, which I shall follow. You can check it out at...

Image copyright Semi-Crunchy Mama.