Sunday, 23 December 2012


    After all these years Jem still has 'it'. In the mid 80s little boys played with GI Joe and Transformers. Little girls played with My Little Pony , Barbie and the slightly less known, yet so much more incredible - Jem [& the Holograms].
    It was a great deal to me when I received a Jem doll for Christmas. I was nine years of age. I loved that doll. So much so that I never actually parted with her or even the bits and pieces that came with her, including the merchandise poster.
    I used peruse the poster fantasising about all the Jem accessories I might collect for my doll. I also imagined wearing Jem's clothes when I grew up. Jem's clothes were incredibly stella and if I am to be honest, I still dream of wearing these clothes.