Saturday, 2 March 2013

Of Owls and Pirates

    March would appear a time of change. A new month clicks over and the weather suddenly realises that it is not meant to be hitting us with 35° plus days. Thank the goddess for the cool change. 
    The other day, wanting an opportunity to do something crafty with my eldest I found a wonderfully easy paper owl activity. Together we made a team - I cut, my eldest glued. We now have four paper owls decorating her bed and she has plans to add more owls to her collective. We'll probably be doing that next week.

    Click here for the paper owl tutorial.

    I have also been designing and sewing a pirate costume for my eldest's pirate dress up day coming up at kinder. I made a pair of elasticated pants, a sleeveless jacket and a felted heart eye patch. I am pleased to say that not an extra cent was spent, as I used the materials already in my possession.

Original pirate concept.

Finished pirate garment.