Sunday, 7 April 2013

J David McKenney

    I have a new inspiration point - J David McKenney, an in-demand fashion illustrator based in Brooklyn, who, a short while ago designed a fashion doll named Pidgin. What makes the Pidgin doll so amazing? Well, she is a modern fashion doll based on the traditional 'old fashion' china dolls that some of grew up with. Even more amazing J does all the work himself - he designed, sculpts, moulds, dries, paints, wigs and dresses the dolls himself. The ultimate artisan!
    I am so pleased to see someone doing something like this. I have, for many years have imagined china dolls being made modern, particularly with an 80s twist [but that is because I am partly stuck in the 80s].
    I've said enough. Now go find out for yourself what J and Pidgin are all about.

© J.D.McKenney
© J.D.McKenney
© J.D.McKenney
You can find J and Pidgin at the following links: