Monday, 1 April 2013

Paper Dolls & Beds

Craft & Photography by Melissa Gaggiano.
    A fair while ago I crafted out of tissue boxes an economical doll house [you will find the tutorial for this here].  The doll house was well loved and eventually had to be retired, but not without saving some parts for another doll house - such as the hand illustrated walls.
    Recently my eldest was pressing for another homemade doll house. This time I handed over creative control to my daughter, letting her decorate the joined tissue boxes with paint, feathers and cut up fashion magazines.
    The doll house was built but something was missing. It was sadly in need of people. So I made a paper doll family, including a cat.
    Alas the paper family needed a bed to sleep in. Again, out came the cardboard, pencil, pen, cutting board and what not. And the above beds were made with a some thought, and very little difficulty on my part. I had fun making the people and beds.