Thursday, 14 November 2013

Boxing Kangaroos - Paper Craft

Expo 88: Japanese paper craft
    Okay, so who remembers Expo 88? I do. Of course it is certainly difficult to forget as I have so much memorabilia to remind me of the event.
    There were many pavilions representing different nations from around the world. My most favourite being the Japanese pavilion. There were pretty Japanese representatives, gardens, origami [with an Australian theme], plus a cute mobile robot that stamped your pavilion passport.
    One of the pieces of memorabilia that I have left over from this event is this kangaroo paper craft toy, which you can download and keep for a rainy day. I made this paper toy when I was a kids and it was a lot of fun [and kept me busy].

Note: I recommend printing onto medium-heavy paper. Or alternatively printing on regular paper, and then gluing to cardboard.