Friday, 21 March 2014

Bamboo Eyes

    Kindly step into my Delorian and travel back to the year 1986 with me. This was the year [or was it 87?] that I was introduced to computer illustration. My dad gave me a computer disk to save my stories and artwork on to. He included on the disk some sample art associated with the 'then popular' paint and drawing program - FullPaint.
    One of the illustrations stayed in my memory all these years. It was titled Bamboo Eyes and was by Dave Zinn. In addition to watching the film Forbidden Planet this illustration was perhaps my earliest introduction to exotic artwork. In fact, I was so inspired that only a couple of years ago I recreated the illustration in Photoshop. Certainly not an exact replica [because that just wouldn't be original], but a homage piece if you will. Thanks for the inspiration Dave Zinn.

Bamboo Eyes by Dave Zinn
Bamboo Eyes by Melissa Gaggiano
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