Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fab Finds 2

    So, what do we have this week? What fabulous finds have caught my eye?

    First there is an up and rising fresh Australian talent in the fashion industry - Teresa Redrup. For a number of  years she has collaborated with Romance Was Born, producing hats for their fashion shows. And now she has gone all entrepreneur on us and started a site called Bashful Garter, the focus of which is Australian, fashion, designer, eco and community minded. I really could tell you more about it but I won't because the site explains itself just fine. Bashful Garter is under development, the online shop will open it's doors mid 2014, and I recommend 'watching this space'. You can also visit their Facebook page.
Bashful Garter

    The next fab person I want to mention is Marie Forleo. I heard about her through Carla Coulson. Marie Forleo is a Life Coach. 'What's a Life Coach', you might wonder. Well, have you ever felt you were in a holding pattern and even though you have these great aspirations for your life, you're too scared to act. If that is you then Marie has the answers that can help you through those fears. I have only just heard of her and have just seen a handful of her videos, but boy has that helped. Plus the woman is absolutely hilarious.
Marie Forleo

    I am enamoured with levitation photography. Whether it is a simple selfie of someone jumping in the air, or a complex series of photos edited into one magical image in Photoshop. So I was excited to come across this article: Secrets of the Best Levitation Shots Shared. This is a useful article as it provides informative examples of how the levitation shots were done.
Levitation: Victoria Dayneko by Ravshaniya

    Also, this week I am watching on DVD Jamie's School Dinners. Such a good watch. I am a relatively healthy eater, even so, watching JSD does make me think twice about prepackaged snacks. The truth is if we want to be sure of the nutrition in the food we are far better off preparing the meals from scratch.
DVD documentary: Jamie's School Dinners