Friday, 21 March 2014

Fab Finds 3

    And now it's time for the things, both new and old, to get excited about.

    The first piece of explosive news is... a Jem + the Holograms film which has been given a green light. I have waited nearly my whole life for this to happen. What do I say to this news? Outrageous!

    The next thing on my fab finds list is a children's book that I bought for... you guessed it - my kids. It is called The Big Green Pocketbook and is written by a friend - Candice Ransom. One of my favourite aspects of this story is that it is based on a real life pocketbook [by the way in Australia we call it a handbag]. This story is something many kids can relate to - wanting to be just like mama and the collection of treasures.

    Today I visited Outre Gallery and, not for the first time, noticed artwork by Matte Stephens. It is called Central Park at Fifth Avenue. I love this piece for it's simple, youthful quality.
Art by Matte Stephens
    These are my finds for the week. Have a nice weekend, everyone.