Friday, 28 March 2014

Fab Finds 4

And now for my  Fab Finds: Issue No. 4...

    One of my long time favourite craft bloggers, Evie Barrow, has been working on a new series of cloth dolls and has shared a sneek peek. Check it out here. A little background information about Evie: I am a loyal supporter of this gal. When my children were born I commissioned Evie to make each of them a pirate doll. These gorgeous dolls can be played with, but I also intend for these to be family heirlooms.
Evie Barrow - crafter/illustrator/graphic designer/dollmaker

    Photographer, Alexia Sinclair, is a fine art photographer who is recognised for her symbolic and artistic style of storytelling. Her photos have been compared to old school paintings you would find in an art gallery. There are many admirers of Alexia's work, but not all of us can afford to buy a numbered/signed print. Until now! Alexia is trying a crowd funding experiment to finance her next photographic series. In doing so she is selling a limited run [signed, not numbered] of her photo The Cabinets of Curiosity, at a much lower price point, making the work available to a wider audience. To find out more Alexia has all the details here.
Alexia Sinclair Photography

    Technically this is not a find. More of my own creation really. But I'm so excited about what I have started that I wanted to share the news. I enjoy photography. I have a blog folio in which I share my best work. But I wanted to do something more, to ensure that I was taking photos every day. So I started a new blog - Mel's Photo-a-day. The concept is pretty simple - I upload one photo a day. The photos don't need to be technically correct. Just me sharing an interesting image each day.
Melissa Gaggiano Photography