Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fab Finds

    The past couple of weeks there have been a good number of things to capture my eye, not to mention my imagination. And I really think I should share these with you. So here goes.

    The first fab find goes to - Lost Girl TV series. This Canadian supernatural drama has been around for a few years, but I only learned about it last week. So have only seen one season. I can't hardly wait to sink my teeth into the rest of this show.
Lost Girl TV series

    The next fab find is a book I borrowed from the library - Collette Dinnigan: Obsessive Creative. Collette reflects on her entire life. Now normally I am a traditional reader, but in this case I am choosing different chapters in no particular order. It is a beautiful read and I am loving the photos, especially those that were taken by Collette. In addition to being a designer Collette has a love for photography. I did not know that, until I read this book. Maybe Collette will now turn her attention more to photography now that she has downsized her fashion ventures. Maybe. Just a thought.
Collette Dinnigan: Obsessive Creative book

    Fab find number three goes to Jenny Lewis and her song Completely Not Me. Love it! I won't say any more because I want you to just listen to it.

    And for the fab 'four' here is a blog for a lit' girl known as Mayhem. Mayhem has an appreciation for fashion, but not as you know it. In an extension to 'dress ups' Mayhem and her mum began making life size clothes out of paper. It is an utterly cute project and totally inspiring. Check, check, check it out at
Fashion by Mayhem.
Fashion by Mayhem