Sunday, 13 April 2014

Fab Finds 6

It wasn't an intentional thing, but it just occurred to me that today's Fab Finds have a retro vibe. Well, let's roll with it...

    We have here something for the lomography enthusiasts. Can you imagine how people were manipulating photos before we had Photoshop. Well, you can check it out here in this 90's video on polaroid manipulation. Fun stuff! I'd like to give this a go if I still had a polaroid camera.

    And for a laugh, here's something that Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon did a while back. It is old and still a hoot.

    One of my favourite makeup artisans - Doe Deere has collaborated with her friends to make a Jem + the Holograms music video audition. Their makeup and costumes are amazing and outrageous [in a very, very good way]. It makes for a nice 80s cartoon tribute. Fantastic effort ladies [Shana is my favourite in this]!