Friday, 31 October 2014

Fab Finds 10

And now, for my latest batch of fab finds...

1. I was reading about a German tradition, and this is unbelievably cute and cool [and I don't know why we don't all do it], that involves kids going to their first day of school with a huuuuge paper cornets. These huuuuge paper cornets are filled with chocolates, sweets and school supplies. Tell me, what could wouldn't want to go to school when they've got this welcoming package to take along. Etsy Graphic Designer - Anda Corrie shares her DIY project on how to make one of these cornets.
Photo by Anda Corrie

2. Through a friend and fellow photography enthusiast, I have come across yet another photography enthusiast,  Kim Klassen [doesn't that just sound like that could be a high end fashion label]. Kim's own website is dedicated not only to her own photography but also sharing and being part of an online community of photographers. If you are into still life, food, country style photography this is a place for you.
Kim Klassen Photography

3. I am loving this new-old lens that has just hit the market - the new Petzval lens. Now here is the thing about the Petzval - it first came out in 1840. That is a very, very long time ago. That goes way beyond being retro. That's steam punk! And the lens looks steam punk to boot. So anyway, the Petzval was so highly regarded that it is back in production and is available for modern Nikon and Canon cameras. How cool is that! The Petzval is rather special as a portrait lens - it creates a sharp centre, has narrow depth of field, and pretty bokeh. Ooh! I'm cackling like a delighted witch just thinking about this lens.
The new Petzval lens