Thursday, 9 October 2014

Magic in a Bottle

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    I love those little vials of magic potions that get thrown about in the television series Charmed. It would be a dream to have one of those sleepy time vials on hand for when I am much too wired and need to sleep. One can only wish, or at least be satisfied with Sleepy Time tea.

    So I was plenty excited when I found a packet of vials in the local $2 complete with corks. I snapped up those vials and quite simply for the fun of it began filling up those corks with fun things - glitter and a handmade treasure map.
Treasure map by Melissa Gaggiano

    You can have a ton of fun with these vials. Put any ingredients you want into them. Though it might be preferable to use things that aren't likely to rot or disintegrate anytime soon. Try sand, beads, minerals, glitter, paper, shells and feathers even [if small enough]. These decorated vials can make easy and fun homemade presents for people. Consider tying ribbon around the vial necks and making necklaces. You can get lots of ideas for vial decorating at this Pinterest link.

Melissa Gaggiano Photography