Friday, 27 March 2015

Too Much For Turtle & Gwen

    On a true Autumn night the family took a train into the city. We attended the book launch of Too Much For Turtle - a book by Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles. We met the creative duo at Captains of Industry. It was all so exciting getting to meet them, but I just wanted to invite them home for a coffee, biscuit and a chat.

    By the way Too Much For Turtle is not the first collaboration between Cat and Isobel. Their first book is Owl Know How, which I've been reading to my girls for a couple of years now. We love that book. But I digress… because tonight is about shy turtles.

    Speaking of shy turtles, Gwen wanted to talk with Cat and Isobel, but when it came time for it she went all shy and couldn't talk or even look at them. I had to be her thought translator. 

    I took the opportunity to photograph the characters and sets used in Too Much For Turtle . It was brilliant getting up close and seeing what went into the production of this book. Check out photos from the family journey and the book launch...

    Looking forward to buying Too Much For Turtle in a short while.