Thursday, 23 July 2015

Rocket Ship

© Melissa Gaggiano

  • Empty toilet paper cylinder
  • Foil
  • Red paper/card
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • String or yarn


1. Wrinkle up the foil to create texture, then carefully unwrap and smooth out.
2. Wrap the foil around the T.P. cylinder. Tuck the foil up into one end of the cylinder.
3. Close the other end of the cylinder by twisting the foil into a point. This will be the top end of your rocket.
Steps 1-3

4. Cut four small incisions into the bottom of the cylinder, making four equal quadrants. Each incision need only be about 1cm.
Step 4

5. Draw an outline of a rocket blast onto a scrap piece of red card. Place a second piece of card to the first piece and cut out the flame outline. Make sure the width of the flame is a bit wider than the rocket cylinder.
6. Separate the two flame shapes. Cut an incision up to the middle on one flame. Cut an incision down to the middle on the second flame.
Steps 5-6

7. Bring the two flame pieces together via the intersecting incisions just made. From a birds-eye-view the flame will look like an X.
Step 7

8. Push each section of the flame up into the four rocket incisions. 
Step 8

9. Tie the end of string to the nose of the rocket ship, and now she is ready to fly.

* Bonus steps: 
  • You could paint the finished, foiled rocket. 
  • Have the rocket as part of a mobile installation.
  • Cut out stars, glue to string and have the string dangling to the rocket.