Thursday, 13 August 2015

This is called progress

© Melissa Gaggiano

    Progress is something that is oh so often confused with failure. So many times in my life I have done this and I am sure there are many out there who experience this.

    You decide to try something new. You have all these amazing visuals in your head of how you want it to turn out, and then you do it. You take the plunge, and make that idea… tangible. And, it looks like crap. So you wail about, 'what was I thinking', 'that's it, the idea was crap, I was crap'. But guess what! That crap creation is meant to happen. It is all part of the process of progress [funny how similar those words are].

    I have been making cloth dolls for a number of years. Compared to my cloth doll design what I am producing now is pretty good. I had been admiring the work of modern porcelain doll artists, so I finally took the plunge into making my own sculpted dolls. How did I fare? My first sculpted doll was dreadful. My second was gawd awful. My third was… not perfection, but there was definite progress.

    So if your heart is into it, take the occasional break but don't give up. And what you think is failure, is actually a stepping stone to something better. It is progress.