Sunday, 13 September 2015

DIY Cat or Bat Mask

    My youngest loves Batman, and now that she has been watching the Batman animated series she has now discovered Cat Woman. So now interchangeably  she will call herself Batman or Cat Woman. 

    I made her a paper mask which can either be a Batman or Cat Woman mask. Hey! It looks like both. And now I am sharing the mask design with you as a DIY.


  • Black paper or card
  • Thin elastic

  1. Print the below provided pattern. It will fit on an A4 page.
  2. Cut out the pattern along the unbroken lines.
  3. Place pattern over black paper and trace an outline of the mask.
  4. Cut out the outline of the mask.
  5. Fold along the dotted line location [as seen on the pattern].
  6. Using a stiletto [or needle or pen head] punch a thin hole into the sides of the mask where the dots are [as seen on the pattern].
  7. Measure the elastic to fit around back of child's head.
  8. Feed the elastic through the holes in mask and tie two knots. And you're done, just in time for Halloween.

Cat Woman/Batman mask pattern