Friday, 11 September 2015

Fab Finds 11

    My fab finds are back on again. So what have we got today?

1. The first noteworthy mention is this Back to the Future countdown. For anyone who lived through the 80s you'll know a little something about this cool trilogy of films. For anyone born after the 80s, seriously organise a film marathon for next month. In the meantime there is this fun counter that looks just like the one inside The Delorean. Why is the destination time 21st October 2015? That was the furtherest into the future that Marty travelled in the film trilogy.

2. Babes About Town - Love. Play. Eat. is a blog that provides family orientated updates of events, activities in and around London. Such a lovely site, makes me wish I was living in London right now.

3. A Montessori Musing Place is another blog which documents many wonderful, fun ways for kids to play and learn. That is right - I used play and learn in the same sentence. If you're looking for inspiration and ideas, and want your kids to take a break from TV, then give this blog a glance.