Saturday, 10 October 2015

Pants for Ken

Ken's Got Pants

    In this house there are two Ken dolls, both vying for the one and only set of clothes that they happen to be in possession of. Yes, that is right, these poor boys have to share their clothes [an issue I have talked about previously with great passion].
    But the times are a changing' as I have begun making them a spare set of clothes, beginning with a pair of pants. No longer will it be a 24/7  Pants Free Friday for the Ken dolls in this house.
    And now I share with you a tutorial for making pants for this overlooked figure from Barbie-land.


  • Scrap fabric [Dad's old boxer shorts will do and if he asks where his pants went just say it was for a good cause.]
  • Thin elastic

1. Print the below provided pattern [ensuring scale is correct]. Cut out the paper pattern.
2. Cut two fabric pieces from the paper pattern.
3. Fold the bottom hem of each fabric piece 5mm and stitch closed.
step 3

4. Fold each fabric piece in half and stitch up the pant leg.
step 4

5. Pin both pant legs together via the crotch. Stitch the crotch closed.
step 5

6. Fold down waistband of pants 10mm and hand stitch closed, leaving an opening no wider than 10mm.
7. Feed an elastic through waistband via the opening just made. Tie a knot in elastic to close.
step 7

8. Turn pants through and give Ken his dignity.

Print paper pattern to scale