Friday, 13 November 2015

Fab Finds 16

And now for my latest fab finds - people, art, things to be excited about…

1. Many of us have heard of Helena Christensen, the model. Did you also know she is a photographer. It is not unheard of, a model making the transition to behind the camera. I find Helena's work to be detailed and smart. In this series of photos for VS magazine, I can feel the isolation of this solitary female. There is something buried just below the surface, a sense of waiting for something to come to head. But I wouldn't say the female is hiding, because in many of the images she appears exposed to windows, light, the road.
© Helena Christensen

2. Tere Hurst is a maker of animals. She illustrates them and hand crafts them. Many of her animals are clothed, bringing to mind my love of Wind in the Willows.
©2015 by murmur fremo

3. I am loving the colours and textures from the Neptune's Daughter range by Cassandra Verity Green. I'd wear these items in a heart beat.
© Cassandra Verity Green

4. The Oatmeal tells a story, Plane, with a surprising reveal toward the end of this strip. I won't say what, you'll just have to read for your self.